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MOBIO Legislative Priorities

2019 policy Priorities

MOBIO Supports meaningful, recurring funding to the Missouri Technology Corporation and will pursue stronger appropriation support within the FY2019 budget bills for MTC's proven programs.   MTC has proven itself adept at developing programs that encourage and attract private investment into emerging high-growth companies, many of which are focused in the biosciences.  MTC is an accepted player in the venture community, with "smart money" watching its investments closely. MTC investments have strengthened the state's economy, therefore MTC appropriations should continue to increase to match the market demand by innovative companies interested in growing here in Missouri.   MTC is the surest investment to improve Missouri's future economy.

MOBIO Opposes new "transparency" pricing regulations on the biopharmaceutical marketplace, including price targets and other pricing controls.  Such policies tend to be overly simplistic, and do nothing to factor in the efficiencies of new therapies, ignore the high-cost of disruptive innovation within the drug discovery pipeline, and forget to understand the diverse patient populations being treated. 

MOBIO Opposes regulatory interference of the marketplace, with attempts to create government competition by importing drugs from other countries.  The risk of counterfeiting is significant, the risk of running off drug manufacturers from Missouri is even more significant.

MOBIO Supports investing in innovation, entrepreneurship and capital formation policies which enhance the state’s role in creating an environment that encourages the development of bioscience, ag research and technology companies in Missouri.

MOBIO Supports passage of a state prescription drug monitoring program to prevent abuse by those who seek multiple prescriptions of highly addictive painkillers and controlled substances. Missouri is the last state in the nation without a PDMP, and local communities across the state are establishing a patchwork of regulatory systems instead of a coherent, predictable state PDMP system.  

MOBIO Supports passage of a voluntary drug take back program.

MOBIO Supports passage of civil justice reforms to the state merchandise practicing act, to keep life sciences products from being enveloped in mass tort litigations.


Recurring Issues for the Life Sciences

MOBIO's leadership continues to speak with one voice and together we have championed the life sciences and high technology for over a decade.  MOBIO remains committed to:


  •  Keep the state science friendly, working to defeat any scare tactic efforts that curtail unfettered research including some of the most promising forms of stem cell research.  
  • Work to prevent research regulations that will hamper the delivery of needed health treatments and vaccines to patient populations.
  • Work to find revenues for research capacity
  • Work for policies and monies for commercialization and early state capital to our most promising bioscience companies
  • Support long-term funding of MTC programs, including innovation centers
  • Seek a business friendly environment to grow and protect our Missouri high-tech companies to succeed in the global environment
  • Support higher education, STEM and workforce development initiatives that benefit the biosciences and address our state's science talent shortage.
  • Support higher education funding, as state revenues are critical to teaching, research and extension services.


MOBIO APPLAUDS 2016 passage of Senate Bill 875, legislation that defined a clear pathway for the substitution of biologic drug products within our state's pharmacy practices act.  Biosimilars are now in the market, and the FDA has also commenced approving "interchangeable" biological products that may be substituted without prior prescriber consent.  These bills will increase access to lower costs drugs for patients, potentially save the state millions of dollars based on the state's own fiscal note, and establish meaningful consistency and access across the states which will longterm encourage biomanufacturing.  The legislation passed overwhelmingly in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and was signed into law by Governor Jay Nixon.


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