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Portable Labs
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Porta Labs Project 


Porta Lab

Missouri Biotechnology Association (MOBIO) and the Western Institute of Missouri Western State University (MWSU) have partnered to create the portable lab project intended to serve Missouri high schools. Missouri is in a great position to be a premiere leader in biotech sciences. However, in order to fill these rewarding and growing careers we have to have an educated and driven workforce to support the high-tech, demanding jobs. These portable labs will expose and excite students to the possibilities they could pursue in the biotech industry.

The portable science labs will visit schools in the 4th, 5th and 6th congressional districts of Missouri. MOBIO along with MWSU have reached out to several school districts but we encourage anyone to contact MOBIO to inquire for more information and see if they can get the labs scheduled for their school. There is no cost involved when scheduling the porta labs at your school.

The intent of the portable lab project is to provide both students and teachers a resource that would otherwise not enter the curriculum of many high school courses. The portable lab project, coined “porta labs”, are portable science labs that will be transported to different schools by MOBIO staff and will remain at given schools for one to two weeks depending on the school’s size and instructor’s preference. 

While the porta labs are at your institution, the equipment can be used how you best see it utilized for your class/curriculum. However, there are experiments included along with instructional material for both students and instructors.

There will be a total of three porta labs being transported at any one time, with each porta lab containing two carrying cases like the image above. The porta labs are ideally geared and equipped for a class of up to 24 students, divided into six groups of four students. Each porta lab will contain two different DNA electrophoresis experiment kits that supply enough material for two classes to perform the two experiments. As the project continues MOBIO will continue to implement a wide array of different experiments, giving students a different view of what biotechnology encompasses.

To schedule the porta labs at your school or to inquire more information please contact MOBIO by calling at 573-690-9267.




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